Outreach & Pre-College Programs

Our programs connect grade school through high school students to unique college preparation and academic enrichment activities. We support several programs designed to increase the number and diversity of students prepared to enter college and successfully pursue science, technology, engineering and math degrees.

Missouri S&T Summer Programs

Camp Invention

Camp Invention is a national STEM education program created by the United States Patent Office and operated by schools throughout the country including Missouri S&T. This week-long day camp introduces elementary age children to the incredible science, technology, engineering, and math constantly occurring in the world around them.

Camp Invention 2013

Aerospace Camp

Missouri S&T's Aerospace Camp allows younger students to experience their very own space mission from the prospective of a mission control specialist. During their three days at S&T, the students will learn what it takes to become an astronaut as well as the science and engineering involved in every mission to the stars!


Robotics Camp

During their time at the Missouri S&T Robotics Camp, your children will learn how to code and program a robot that they will construct themselves. This program culminates in a challenge which the campers will be asked to complete all while demonstrating to you the skills that they have learned from our incredible faculty members. At Missouri S&T's Robotics Camp, your child is sure to find a new passion for programming, a desire to expand their education at home, and plenty of new friends along the way.

CyberMiner Camp

The CyberMiner summer program takes advantage of Missouri S&T's status as the nation's second-oldest accredited Computer Science program and melds it with an incredible Computer Engineering program and a ground-breaking IST program. WIth these three focus areas in mind, students attending this program will end the week with a greater understanding of the components that make up all of the advanced technology around us and how they can someday make their own innovative discoveries.


This all-girls camp is intended to show high school students the importance of conserving our resources and taking care of our environment as part of our daily lives. Through out this week-long program, students will learn how science and engineering can positively contribute to a green environment and a better future for everyone.

Eco Girl

Building Leaders for Tomorrow

Here at Missouri S&T we recognize the importance of communication, teamwork, and leadership skills as core components of any STEM field. Therefore, S&T is proud to host Building Leaders for Tomorrow (BLT) in order to help high school students develop these crucial skills. Throughout their week, students will interact with some of the best leaders that our university has to offer while participating in activities centered on networking, communication, diversity, team-building, and creative thinking/problem solving. Your child is sure to leave Missouri S&T with a better understanding and appreciation for the leadership which is necessary to thrive in the world.

It's a Girl Thing

It's a Girl Thing is another one of Missouri S&T's all-girl summer programs. Throughout this week, these 7th and 8th graders are given an introduction to the world of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and the many careers that go with it. This program exposes the campers to STEM topics through multiple workshops and trips which involve group projects and design competitions. By the end of this program your child will have a better understanding of the STEM fields and where she might best fit into them.

IAGT 2015

Materials Camp

The Missouri S&T Materials Camp is one of the more specialized summer programs available at our university. During their week at S&T, your high school student will learn about the truly massive role that various materials play in the technology of the 21st century. This program allows students to use state-of-the-art research equipment and materials which will provide them a window into the world of an engineer. Coming out of this program, your child will be better versed in the complexities of the technology which surrounds us everyday. 

Minority Introduction to Technology and Engineering (MITE)

This summer program is intended for high school minority students who might be interested in studying a science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) related field. This week-long camp introduces the students to multiple science and engineering fields including the real world applications of those fields. Your child will participate in S&T faculty lead workshops as well as group work which will teach them the incredible careers that they could pursue with a STEM degree.


Nuclear Engineering Camp

This camp takes students through an in-depth exploration of the field of Nuclear Engineering. During their time on campus, students will explore the real-world applications of nuclear engineering through their visits to the Callaway Nuclear Station and the Phelps County Regional Medical Center Delbert Day Cancer Institute. Students will also have the exciting opportunity to interact with Missouri S&T's very own on-campus nuclear reactor and learn from some of the top minds in the field.

Explosives Camp

The Missouri S&T Explosives Camp is the first and only summer program of its type in the world! During their week on the S&T campus, students will learn about the various explosives which are used in everything from mining to fireworks displays. The students will experience hands-on learning during this extremely popular camp which will culminate in a fireworks show which they will design and carry out. Anyone interested in this unique summer program should apply early as space is limited!

Formula SAE Electric Car Camp

Missouri S&T is well known for our internationally-renowned student design teams, including the Formula SAE Electric Car team. During their week at S&T, students will learn about the design and construction process involved in building a real, electric-powered, race car. Members of the Formula SAE Electric Design Team will guide the students through our very own Student Design Center and teach them all of the processes involved with making design dreams into reality.

Space - The Final Frontier

‌This summer camp is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Throughout this program, students will design, construct, and fly a microsatellite which will reach an altitude of 100,000 feet in the air! This camp teaches students all about the skills which are necessary to design, build, and launch a spacecraft and even provide them the opportunity to make their own. If you choose to come to Space - The Final Frontier, you will forever see the Earth and the space beyond in a different light.


Jackling Introduction to Engineering

Engineers have a profound effect on everything in our world and here at Missouri S&T, we pride ourselves on producing some of the greatest engineers around. The Jackling Introduction to Engineering summer camp provides students with a broad overview of the many engineering programs which are hosted by S&T. This summer camp will show each student how they can use their individual talents to make our world a better place. Please join us as we endeavor to create the next generation of revolutionary thinkers!

Summer Solutions for Girls

Summer Solutions for Girls is intended to be an introduction to not only the many possibilities of a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)  degree, but also an introduction into college life. During their week at Missouri S&T these girls will learn about the various career options associated with a STEM degree as well as interact with faculty, participate in team activities, and live in a newly renovated campus residence hall. This summer camp will allow girls an opportunity to explore the amazing opportunities that come with a STEM degree, all while making some great friends a long the way.

SS 2015

Summer Research Academy

The Summer Research Academy is the realization of Missouri S&T's belief that research is essential to learning and should be available to all ages. This program, which takes place over six weeks each summer, allows students the opportunity to work with world-renowned Missouri S&T faculty members on their research, all while experiencing what it means to be a college freshman.  The students live in one of Missouri S&T's newly renovated residence halls and participate in weekend excursions off campus along with taking part in real research being done by S&T faculty members. If you are looking of a taste of what it takes to earn a STEM degree at Missouri S&T, look no further than the Summer Research Academy!

Sports Camps

Here at Missouri S&T, we are an NCAA Division II school with plenty of talented coaching staffs! Our Athletics Department is proud to host summer training programs for baseball, football, men's basketball, women's basketball, softball, soccer, and volleyball. S&T is also host to the Joe Miner Camp for boys and girls grades three through eight. The Joe Miner Camp allows for kids to participate in a variety of team sports under the supervision of the Athletics team. All of our summer sports programs offer the opportunity to work with trained coaching staffs and collegiate athletes to hone your skills and develop your knowledge of your favorite sport!


Workshops and Competitions

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In-school Programs

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