NSBE Pre-College Initiative

february 27 - March 1, 2020

Apply to participate in NSBE PCI. 

NSBE Pre-College Initiative (PCI) is an on-campus visit program for high school students that may be considering a future career in math, science, computing or engineering. PCI is sponsored by S&T's student chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers and the Student Diversity Initiatives Department.  Through information sessions and hands-on workshops students will have a chance to explore career options and gain a better understanding of what college life is all about.  

A vital component of the PCI program is NSBE Jr. which serves as the membership category for pre-college students within the society. NSBE Jr. members and chapters are at the core of PCI, as they are the primary focus and beneficiaries of PCI activities. NSBE Jr. focuses on enhancing the education received by Black and African-American and other minority pre-college students, as well as influencing these students to become tomorrow’s corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders. In this spirit, NSBE Jr. is the quintessential teaching and preparation device for the National Society of Black Engineers.

PCI Goal: The National Society of Black Engineers' Pre-College Initiative program will lead the world in enhancing the pre-college students' Academic, Technical and Leadership skills in order to maximize their success in life. NSBE Jr. Aims:

  • Help pre-college students develop a positive attitude towards academic excellence
  • Encourage and support parental commitment to their children's education
  • Stimulate enthusiasm about engineering and science among pre-college students
  • Raise cultural awareness among Black and African-American youth
  • Provide support to students throughout the college application process
  • Increase college graduation rates of Black and African-American students
  • Prepare pre-college students to be positive, contributing future NSBE members


We believe that every student  deserves an opportunity to attend but recognize that some families might require help. Scholarships are available to those with financial need. 

Attendees pay a fee of $50.00 to confirm attendance and offset costs. We provide room, board, all supplies, activities, meals, and a t-shirt at no additonal cost. Limited space for transportation to and from St. Louis and Kansas City is available for participants.

Payment of $50.00 must be submitted within 10 days after acceptance decisions are released, by February 17.

Registration Timeline

  • December 16 - January 31 Application is open
  • February 3 - February 6 Review of applications
  • February 7 - Decisions released through email and mailed letters. You may not defer an acceptance to the program to another year or different program.