Our mission is to foster diversity and inclusion in the Missouri S&T community by providing a welcoming climate for all students. We aim to support underrepresented, LGBTQIA community and their allies, first generation, and low income students from all walks of life through programming, retention, and mentoring initiatives.

Through programs and partnerships, Student Diversity Initiatives (SDI) supports diversity-related programming and promotes awareness about female, multicultural, and LGBTQA related issues, while also supporting first generation and low-income students. SDI helps foster an academic and professional environment that supports the students of Missouri S&T and strengthens the campus community. 

At SDI you will have access to a computer lab, study spaces, meeting rooms, kitchen and a central gathering place in a safe and inclusive environment.  We foster social and cultural development through community spaces, event management, and collaborative relationships, while creating a lasting positive impression.

  • Title IX Reporting Options
  • Equity and Title IX

Title IX Reporting Options

Please report any incidents of discrimination, bias, or unfairness you have experienced or observed. In addition, please tell us about any incidents you have experienced or observed that impede our campus from being an open and inclusive environment.

Reporting Options

Equity and Title IX

Equity and Title IX  (ETIX) is charged with ensuring Missouri S&T’s compliance with University of Missouri System policies and procedures, state and federal statutes and regulations, especially where it concerns Title IX and other rules governing civil rights and equal opportunity.

The department serves as a resource to students, faculty, and staff in education, prevention, and investigation of incidents of sexual violence, as well as other possible violations of the university’s non-discrimination policies. 

In addition to these efforts, ETIX facilitates the development of a more diverse, inclusive campus through its administration of the university’s Affirmative Action Plan and assurance of Equal Opportunity in faculty and staff recruiting efforts. ETIX also works with current faculty and staff in appropriately exercising their rights under ADA.

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