LGBTQ+ Resources

Here you will find a wide variety of resources, information about the LGBTQ+ community at Missouri S&T, and ways to get involved.

The Diversity House

Welcome to the SDI LGBTQ+ Resource Center!

The LGBTQ+ Resource Center is the centeral hub of LGBTQ+ life at Missouri S&T. We foster an envronment that is open, safe, and inclusive for people of all sexualities and gender identies.

The Resource Center is not only for the LGBTQ+ community but for the entire Missouri S&T community. We strive to be an affirming and welcoming space on campus that works to incorporate principles of social justice into our programs and services. 


Coming out is when a person decides to reveal an important part of who they are with someone in their life. For many LGBTQ people, this involves sharing their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Unfortunately, coming out isn't always easy. After thinking it through you may decide not to come out - and that's ok too.  Many people decide not to for different reasons. Remember, there isn't one right way to come out, and it's YOUR choice.


It is the policy of the University of Missouri System that a student may choose to identify themselves within the university community with a preferred first and/or middle name that differs from their legal name and gender.

Preferred Name Change Information

Gender Change Form

Missouri Driver's License Gender Change Procedures

Mixed gender floors are located in Thomas Jefferson Residential Hall, and all floors in Residential Commons, University Commons, and Rolla Suites.  In Miner Village we offer gender inclusive housing where 2 or 4 people of any gender can live in the same apartment.


The purpose of this service is to minimize the often heavy financial burden of transitioning or coming out.  All S&T students who have a need may use it accordingly.


Student Well-Being provides counseling services, health promotion initiatives, and prevention programs to empower the S&T community to thrive and enhance personal, academic, and professional success. And the link you use can be to our main page,


The following listing includes free hotlines, suicide prevention support and services, youth organizations, and online mental health and addiction resources.

Outside resources:


As we work toward a more inclusive campus community it is important that every member of our community educate themselves on the appropriate use of inclusive language.  

Below, please find resources provided by and Student Diversity Initiatives. Remember, language frames our identities, language has the capacity to open doors and build bridges- language matters.

Pronoun Resources

You can also visit the site below to learn more about International Pronouns Day.



An "ally" is a term used to describe someone who is supportive of LGBT people. It encompasses non-LGBT allies as well as those within the LGBT community who support each other.

Allies are some of the most effective and powerful voices of the LGBT movement. Not only do allies help people in the coming-out process, they also help others understand the importance of equality, fairness, acceptance and mutual respect.

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Student Health provides services to help you strengthen your well-being by reinforcing healthy habits and showing you how to reduce the impact of high-risk behavior.  Services include distribution of condoms, dental dams, and information on HIV/STI services and resources. Anonymous STI testing is also available.

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These restrooms are all person, all access restrooms made available for ALL members of the S&T community.

A specific list of restroom locations is provided below. 

Gender Neutral Restrooms

  • Human Rights Campaign - Source of information on workplace and corporate attitudes and policies surrounding sexual orientation.  Includes links to information about employee groups, organizations and companies offering domestic partnership benefits, and legal and discrimination policies. Also a bibliography of career related issues.
  • The Human Rights Campaign is also the publisher of the Corporate Equality Index . This index "provides a simple way to evaluate whether America's biggest employers are treating their gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees and consumers equitably." The index is based on a 10-point system that rates corporate policies and actions toward the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.   
  • ProGayJobs.Com - First e-Recruitment site dedicated to gays and lesbians to get jobs in gay-friendly companies. The website provides job postings from companies that promote diversity and provide safe and open environments for Gay and Lesbian workers.
  • Out For Work - A nonprofit dedicated to educating, preparing, and empowering LGBT college students and their allies for the workplace. Includes a Career Library of information, and conferences for students and alumni.

  • Out Professionals - A LGBT+ networking organization.  Meet professionals face-to-face at networking mixers, professional seminars & workshops, special events, and more.

  • Out & Equal -Workplace Advocates is a nonprofit organization dedicated to achieving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer workplace equality.  They partner with Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies to provide executive leadership development, comprehensive training and consultation, and professional networking opportunities that build inclusive and welcoming work environments.
  • LGBT Career Link - Find jobs, learn about employment at diversity-friendly companies and research careers by networking with your LGBT and allied colleagues.
  • Lamda Legal - National LGBT civil rights organization; web site includes information about workplace discrimination cases.